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Recovery Groups

Dealing With Life’s Issues


Curriculum used is Life Recovery Guides by Dale & Juanita Ryan
Topics include the following:

ABUSE - Moving from memories of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to self esteem, intimacy and ability to trust.

ADDICTIONS - Moving from habitual use of a substance or a behavior to healing and hope.
BITTERNESS - Moving towards the ability to forgive. BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS - Moving from the pain of loss to healing, trust, and the ability to risk intimacy.
CO-DEPENDENCY - Moving from the desire to "take care of" or control to letting go of responsibility. DEPRESSION - Moving from hopelessness and suffering to hope.
DISTORTED IMAGES OF GOD - Identifying roots and replacing them with biblically accurate images of God. DISTORTED IMAGES OF SELF - Moving from damaging, negative images to a positive self concept; seeing ourselves as God does.
FAMILY DYSFUNCTIONS - Moving from being guarded and defensive to courage and ability to talk, feel, and trust. FEAR - Moving from bondage to freedom and courage.
GUILT - Moving from anguish that causes destructive behaviors toward seeking forgiveness that brings healing. LOSS - Moving from the painful feelings of grief to comfort and strength.
SHAMEMoving from humiliation to feeling valuable. SPIRITUAL ABUSE - Moving from misconceptions about Christian life to the freedom of grace.
WORKAHOLISM - Moving from the addiction that is socially rewarded to rest and peace. A LIFE LONG JOURNEY - Moving into the life God intends for us to have.

You may attend whenever you wish; Weekly attendance is not required.




DVD series by Dr. Daniel Amen

Sessions consist of eight week series presented in a group setting.

Topics on restoring your brain at any stage of life – it's never too late.

Wondering why people think and act the way they do?  Find out why – it may save a marriage, a life, a future.

Damage from toxins, addictions, negative thinking and aging can be reversed. 

Anxiety and depression can cease.

An affordable, safe way to correct and maintain a healthy brain and life.

You may attend whenever you wish; Weekly attendance is not required.





A 16 week series video presentation by Steven Scott

This is not a motivational series.

This is a mentoring program that will give you skills to bring extraordinary success in any area you chose to target.

It is excellent.

If you wonder who would benefit from this, here are some examples:

Anyone who has a dream, vision, or goal will benefit.

This can help you fulfill what you have never taken the time or effort to pursue or complete.

You may want to change a career.

You may want to start a business.

You may want to lose 15 pounds.

You may want to start to plan to buy or build a house.

You may want to get organized.

You may want to improve relationships.

Anything personal to you.

Weekly momentum will keep you going and you will be surprised at the outcome that you couldn't accomplish on your own.

Also, you are going to learn some things about yourself that you probably don't know.

You may attend whenever you wish; Weekly attendance is not required.